Remembering Historian Robert Massie’s Career And The Lessons It Taught

Robert K. Massie’s books on Russian history set the bar for research and writing style. Image Source: Patrick Burns/The New York Times / Barnes & Noble

Massie utilized a unique style to a topic that had not been thoroughly explored

The Massie family felt a deep connection to Russian history

Nicholas and Alexandra propelled Massie into the world of Russian history literature. Image Source: Barnes & Noble

Russian history and culture were not his only areas of interest

Massie could not find an exhaustive biography of Peter the Great, he wrote his own. Image Source: Patrick Burns/The New York Times

The history Massie wrote about ended up reaching out to him to resume his old work

Dedication and personal care helped Massie leave a strong legacy

Robert K. Massie won a Pulitzer Prize for Peter the Great: His Life and World. Image Source: Karsten Moran for The New York Times



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