Keto Diet Explained: Biology, Risks, Benefits, & History

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A Lesson on Energy: Immediate vs Stored

ATP as a unit of currency is derived from various forms of consumption, whether it be sunlight or food. Photo Credit: Patterson Fitness
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The Keto Diet Defined

Ketone bodies, or simply ketones, are byproducts formed when the body derive energy by breaking down fats in the absence of carbs. Photo Credit: Perfect Keto
  • Standard ketogenic diet: A very low-carb diet that emphasizes filling in the carb gabs with a moderate amount of proteins and high fat; the ratio of each respectively is generally 5%, 20%, and 75%.
  • High-protein ketogenic diet: This approach is near-identical to the standard keto diet, though with more protein budgeted into food.
  • Targeted ketogenic diet: In conjunction with workouts, additional carb allowances can be added to meals. The exercise drives the body to consume the extra carb energy anyway.
  • Cyclical ketogenic diet: Rotations of high-carb intake switch off with strict low-carb intake days.

Ketogenic Origins

Some variety exists between what carbs, proteins, and fats should be consumed for a keto diet of any type, if the keto diet should be utilized at all. Research, consultation, and self-reflection are a must on any list, however. Photo Credit: MSN




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