Cycle Of Revenge: What Those In Power Can Learn From ‘The Dragon Prince’

Dana Daly
8 min readFeb 11, 2020
Netflix’s ‘The Dragon Prince’ presents startling parallels to present day events and relations. It offers a warning and advice that should be minded. Photo Credit: TVDB

Conflict is as old as time itself. It manifests in different forms: sometimes we witness it as a natural fight for survival among wild animals, while other times it results in calculated social maneuvers. Small-scale, but impactful.

War, in contrast, presents a much larger scale. Entire communities can be uprooted, lives changed beyond recognition. The cost of human life is always devastating. But another tragedy of war lies with the bridges it burns. With the exponential increase in information accessibility, it is easier for people otherwise divided by war to connect. But it is always a shock to fully realize the similarities that exist between people whose countries are in conflict.

Even with magic, their world is ours

The Dragon Prince displays this in a very balanced way. One of its triumphs is just how well this fantastical world parallels our own. For all the layers of dragons and magic, theirs is no different from our own. Already, there are thoughtful discussions equating dark magic to how society uses living creatures to live. The show also presents important lessons about how the disabled should be perceived. Love is expressed regardless of gender, and complex familial dynamics have lasting effects on those entangled in their webs.

While being a leader for acceptance and love, The Dragon Prince also champions exceptional parallels to harsher realities endured by millions around the globe. All the while, it perfectly exemplifies how this harsh reality may be doomed to perpetuate…and why it already has become so cyclical.

Relations between different people and races are the way they are when The Dragon Prince kicks off because of a cycle of revenge. After losing his wife, Queen Sarai, to the dragon Avizandum, King Harrow, accompanied by High Mage Viren on a quest for vengeance. They weaponize Sarai’s very dying breath to execute their “eye for an eye” retribution.

But we know what happens when “eye for an eye” gets used too often. The whole world is left blind.



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