23andMe Update Aims to Diversify Ancestry Composition

Image Source: BBC Science Focus Magazine

The Global Genetics Project led to greater diversity in ancestry reports

Image Source: 23andMe

Asia and Africa are more represented after feedback critiquing the lack of specificity in those regions

Some genetic information is exclusive to the sex chromosomes

Other genetic testing explores information from the autosomal chromosomes

A karyotype, which is a presentation of all chromosomes in a person’s genome. There are autosomal and sex chromosomes, and each have a special purpose. Image Source: Miami.edu

Labels carry social and political weight for everyone affected

Testing for ancestral roots is itself very complex on multiple levels

Image Source: Genetic Literacy Project

Profitable and addictive industries aren’t going anywhere, and so must be carefully navigated

DTC genetic testing is a highly profitable industry. Image Source: Smarter Hobby



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